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Words:2100. —————-We all know deep down inside Loki he’s a good man just no ones brought that side out of him yet. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Reader, Mute! Reader, takes place after Thor 1, safe to read for POC, ASL = American Sign Language. This is purely smut, only read if you are 18+. Originally posted by marveling-over-imagines. Dean x sassy reader 6. Starting to cry at the sight of the bloodshed and violence around you, and Killmonger stabbing you in between your ribs to silence you. lilo and stich Nick fury avengers marvel Marvels Avengers steve rogers captain america bucky barnes natasha romanoff The original 6 tony stark Iron man Bruce banner hulk hulk smash Clint barton hawk eye pintrest tumblr for your page y/n x reader leave a like reader impact || first meeting. Loki. Thanos Rising. Request by Anonymous: hiiii can i have an imagine where the reader is part of the cast and its an off day for taping so she goes to work out w the cast and evans and seb notices a guy checking her out and they go extra protective since shes young like holland and . Thanks @crazyfreckledginger for requesting . Steve x Reader. You read the badge clipped to his shirt, SSA Spencer Reid. Fantomex 5. Run-through: You have an argument with your boyfriend and you call him out on all of his shit. I hope you will enjoy it a little bit. Adventure films can be set in the real world, but often have imaginative elements as part of the narrative. So ya know the scene in the endgame trailer where Thor and carol have like a little stare down? All downloadable template can be found on our Two Sassy Apples for Educators Closed Facebook Page. He loves kissing you, literally anywhere. Hands, forehead, nose, cheek, lips, hips, thighs…. Pairings: Bella/Hawkeye, Bella/Iron Man, Bella/Iron Man, Bella/Hulk, Bella/Thor, Bella/Loki. Call Me Bucky - Bucky and Steve make friends with a proud and sassy girl named Rivkah. Character: Clint Barton. Oh yeah, I said it. Summary: Bucky has a nightmare and Accidentally hurts Y/n. It was just another meeting . He might see if Sam had some ideas given he’s got more experience with that. . reader, marvel, avengers. 8 พ. Always By Your Side - Bucky Barnes x Doctor! Reader; When the Avengers come back from a mission with some of them badly injured, Bucky notices how distressed you get and questions you about it. (Also Alexis suggested that the reader give the debrief . But then Loki does and so they’re in a secret relationship. Toys, Kids & Baby. Warnings: Pick-up lines, sassy!reader, fluff. wandavision wanda vision wanda maximoff vision avengers marvel mcu Pietro Maximoff quicksilver Peter Maximoff aaron taylor johnson evan peters 4,606 notes Jan 15th, 2021 Open in app [x] Gif Credit [x] For the lovely @an-all-write-life that deserves all the happiness in the world, stay awesome girl! (now you know why I asked you those two questions 7 months ago! ;)) And so sorry. some swearing and a whole lot of sassy/fluffy Bucky . ~Avengers x Reader~ by themarvel Fandoms: Marvel, MCU, The Avengers . Grant Talks His Favorite Part About Playing Classic Loki and Being a “Big Fan” of Tom Hiddleston I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE SASSY BRUCE! Saved by invisible monsters. Can you write a one shot about reader is an avenger and never been in a relationship cause she's like this free wild sassy and confident . Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader Summary: You had all your life planned out and worked hard to achieve your dreams, but when you see your work stolen and your arch-enemy getting the promotion in your place, you start wondering if all the sacrifices you made were really worth it. 2562 . Souvenirs. But when trying to take over New York he meets reader who is also an avenger trying to stop him, angust fluff. Loki’s Richard E. ) is a medium-dark, rosy mauve with subtle, warm undertones and a cream finish. 695; Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader; Warnings: Lots of swearing in English and Spanish! Author notes: (Y/N) is your name. – Sansa x fem!reader. Becoming More by @toffeecoloredqueen WARNING: still in progress. Of course, I loved it. Sassy Encounters (Peter Pan x Reader) * Pairing: Thor X Reader. Asgardian Reader (Marvel) Avenger Reader (Marvel) Summary. The magic touch love adds to your life is both intoxicating and wonderful. A/n surprise I finished this early and decided to post it now instead of Friday! ! ! Get ready because shit is about to go down in the next part. X-Men reading order. . tune in?) 2. It's really no surprise to the Avengers when they discover that Earth isn't the only planet with life out there. Marvel. There are some things that can trigger past events. 49 for 0. When you met Bucky (Along with the Avengers) , He requested you to control his dreams, It was . a/n: inspired by Tom’s live, don’t try this at home, but if you do let me know . (Different relationships may be added, for e. Bucky Barnes x reader – Fine LinePair: Bucky Barnes x female reader Warnings: none Type: a bit angst, fluff _____ Bucky and y/n were having a rough. 1. Summary: Loki doesn’t like that you wear Thor’s color, but has taking a liking to you ever since he saw you. The title sounded cool but really all you two did were train for a few hours a day and stop petty crimes around the neighborhood. But he’s making sure you knew he . Masterlist | Taglist | Prompt List. #anime #cursing #fanfiction #gay #gore #male #reader #seme #uke Adventure Romance Steve Rogers X Reader Tony Stark X Reader Iron Man X Reader Avengers X Reader. Warnings: None. Paring: pre-serum Steve Rogers x Reader (platonic Bucky) Summary: Steve’s life had been a string of very unfortunate events but you where there for him through it all. . It was operatic. ” you said while doing your. Maybe we would have some. At an estimated cost of over 142 billion it. Requests are open. sassy-bassy03 . I SMSet visas även en text där du kan kommunicera din hälsning. “Please dad, take me on your next mission,” you . 11; After a rescue mission gone wrong, you retire as a pararescue airwoman. I am so looking forward to Thanos getting what he deserves from the Avengers. Sunshine (Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader) Description: Songfic based on “You are my Sunshine. 2 - Derek Hale x Reader Pairing: Derek x Reader Prompt: Request! – Liam starts getting jealous when Isaac gets more attention than him, soon it becomes a competition between them that you. Originally posted by avengers-for-live He wore a button up shirt with a vest and a tie around his neck. Geralt x Reader x Brother!Jaskier. Prompt list. The tower is quit. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna You and Peter were what Tony called, “Avengers in training. Avengers A/U. Tony Stark x Sassy! Reader [[MORE]](Y/n)'s Pov Once again Stark was throwing a huge party and I was dragged into it by my friend. The Weight of Living - Bucky x Reader This didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. ย. Pairing: Loki x Reader, Thor x Reader. 1 Appearance 2 . There all of them uncover the cultures and traditions and who you really are. ค. Here’s a teaser for chapter nine. You come from a long line of kitsunes, ever since you were born you had been the strongest kitsune ever. Steve x Reader “Stop” Summary: uhmmmm…. —-. This is my post for @whothehellisbella‘s reputation writing challenge! I got to go to the rep tour and a few days later I wrote this! Hence, the Avengers fighting the X-Men, and the X-Men fighting the Avengers. When You're Caught in A Landslide. 2562 . So he might not physically be able to be there for you as much as you might need him to be. Originally posted by janemaxine “If life could give me one blessing,” Geralt spat, teeth bared viciously, “it would be to take you off my hands!” Even from my position, I could make out Jaskier’s expression. Request: A fluffy Sam x Reader. The Phoenix Force returns and splits the Avengers and X-Men into warring factions. So, was that just awkward eye contact, or were we checking eachother out? @alexandragrace Hope you’ll like it, lovely!. Genre: Comedy, all platonic. But your dad happens to be Tony Stark, he enrolled you into a new school and enlisted the help of his faithful . Enough said. Shop Target for Kids' Home you will love at great low prices. He goes straight to ripping apart the cage while Nakia and Shuri holds off Killmonger. Leave a comment. A/N: I’ve been writing on this for weeks and i think i’ve finally come to a good ending point. I decided to do this after being inspired by many talented writers I follow on wattpad. Seriously, go listen to that, it’s amazing, “I want to lay you down in a bed of roses. Warnings: Fluff, Choking (not that kind of Choking. from the story Avengers x Reader (One-Shot) by Keith_Kokaine (Connor) with 10,846 reads. well being sassy works on my boy bestie and then he will say things like “oh yeah” “let’s see” in a really “I’m gonna get you” way mad then he will tickle my sides and belly 梁 ( damn I’m now in a lee mood so bad ) And being a ler on my dad is well, sometimes challenging due to his only tickle spot is his foot. . Hey my name is Sophie and I’m a straight 5’5 blonde. Issues: Avengers Vs. Originally posted by tonystarkz “SHIT!” Tony shouted, as he ducked out of the way of some flying debris. 2 ก. Word Count: 1,598. 5'7", curvy, dark brown hair and brown eyes. I just love his sassy and sarcastic personality so much. 00". It can move mountains and make the world around you sparkle with joy. 6 K. A/N: Post-Avengers. Върховния Спайдър-Мен book. Pairings: Loki x Reader. Couch: So . Reader is a wolf shape-shifter from a powerful royal house that has helped the Starks for centuries. Avengers x autistic reader Scarlett Johansson, Dave Bautista, Mark Ruffalo, Danai Gurira and Tom Hiddleston may have worked together on set of Avengers: Infinity War, but we wanted to . Word count: 1185. Hey! This is the first in a series of one-shots of you (as the reader) and the rest of the Avengers! (Y/N) = Your Name. Who the hell is Sharon?” Steve x Reader Word count: 1819 Summary: Joining the Avengers with your brother, was the best thing you've ever . Mar 16, 2019 - Bucky Barnes X Deaf!Reader - Your world was silent. If you do have a request put it in the comments or inbox me . ColourPop Sassy Lippie Stix ($7. # Steve x reader# angst# avengers imagine# avengers x reader# captain america# clint barton# fluff# hawkeye# iron man# marvel imagine# mcu# mcu imagine# natasha romanoff# one shot# reader insert# reader x steve# steve imagine# steve rogers# the avengers#tony stark Shop Target for Kids' Bath you will love at great low prices. 8 "Not Another Alternate Reality! Not Again! Oh, Well -- At Least This Time I'm Not Dressed Like A Brown Plantman. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Y: Jun 08, 2014 · Bucky Barnes X Reader Pregnant You and Bucky were sitting on the couch watching TV. I saw Avengers: Infinity War. 2012’s Battle of New York brought many new things to Steve. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Avengers vs. Grab an “80s girl” costume, add a denim acid-wash jacket and tease that ginger mane. Warnings: profanity, alcohol, self harm, body dysmorphia, anorexia, graphic descriptions of self harm. #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes smut #bucky barnes drabble #sebastian stan #sebastian stan x reader #sebastian stan icons #avengers x reader #marvel incorrect quotes #marvel #mcu #steve rogers #steve rogers x reader #chris evans More you might like Peter: No one could beat his energy level while he was sitting in the passenger seat of your car for the 6 hour ride to wherever the hell Tony sent you two. Title: Making memories. Indiana Jones, a popular franchise, is an example of the adventure genre. Italized stuff without the . . I’m ambitious sassy, and pretty wild around my close friends, but around new people I can be shy. The arrival of a stranger put everything to the test… and for a while it seemed as though they’d passed. However, the reader gets there late and sees the Avengers thinking they’re about to get arrested. Puzzle together your favourite Avengers in these colourful, action-packed images. The best of the best in the Marvel Universe—Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor—take on unbeatable foes and take center stage on this four-poster set promoting the power of reading! Request(s): “Sorry to annoy you, but could you write one where the reader is sick? Thank you!” & “Hello! Could I request a platonic fic where reader is sick and the Avengers are freaking out? Thank you!“ Word Count: 1,294. Clint x Reader Summery: Imagine Clint being really protective and fussing over you after you got hurt during a fight. Pairing: AU Loki Laufeyson x f!reader. ” Original Request – Y/N is an avenger and one of the best. And just a bunch of awkward Peter and sassy reader? 18 พ. This isn’t a review of Infinity War. after three months of being quarantined, peter . Thanks for reading! ~~~~~ The avengers have been looking everywhere for (name). Road to Avengers Endgame: Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man is the sassy soul of MCU; a recap of his journey. Summary: The war between Asgard and Vanaheim had not plagued the realms for many years. Story Warnings: Fluff. Time!Traveler Reader x Natasha Romanoff 3. ย. Whenever you hit a high note or sang something that was a bit sassy, there were always some reactions. The four of you decided to sleep in the game room. Pairing: Bakugou x Reader Requested from my Wattpad: “Can you please do a fluffy Bakugo x reader chapter where the reader was dared by her friends to try to do ‘ignore your boyfriend for 24 hours’ challenge? If you don’t know, this challenge makes it so that the reader would have to pretend that Bakugo does not exist and they can’t respond to any of Bakugo’s questions or anything . 14 พ. ”. You were expecting to wait forever before your partner came in, but surprisingly they arrived moments after you sat. Pietro's and Wanda's little sister (The Maze runner x Avengers crossover. After all, they've got a man who mutates when he gets mad and a Russian super-spy. Her (h/c) hair rests on her shoulder as the takes another sip of her tea. Single Framed Wall Mirror in Dark Charcoal Spruce up your bathroom with this white mirror. Keep reading Talk To Me Bout Stuff!! See Me, Hear Me (love me) - Bruce Wayne x Reader. Perfect for curly reds or those with a bob. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. With ABC, a Once Upon a Time graphic novel was announced for publication in September. Blog Tools. And when they find out you’ve sided with the Avengers things get heated. Catch up . Originally posted by tmhllnd96. . Summary: You, the reader, are struggling with . Word Count: My first fic that got done way before sleepy time. Warning: angst and fluff but overall none. Word Count: 891. พ. The book revolved around Hope and Scarlet Witch in two vignettes, assumedly because they will be important to the story of Avengers fighting X-Men. “Well, if someone wasn’t so picky. In X-Men vs Avengers she twice absorbed Ms. Summary: A birthday present gives Bucky a little more peace than you thought it would. Summary:Reader is a Sanderson witch and is in love with Thackery Binx, but after finding her guilty despite being a good witch she is hung. Fic Recs. 2k. Author’s Note: I suddenly became very excited and boom! This little creation was born. Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in The Avengers (2012) 2,041 notes Jul 3rd, 2021. ค. After talking the R ends up an Avenger. Your life had started here. Soulmate!AU. Nearby Bruce, who was reading a science magazine, and Clint, . Peter happily pursued after bicycle thieves and shoplifters, but you desperately wanted more. Warnings: INFINITY WARS SPOILERS, death (I wrote this shortly after watching IW back in April and I was all feels ) Masterlist. " Ravensburger - Marvel Avengers - The Mighty Avengers 3 x 49 Puzzle. Sassy Peter; Precious Peter Parker . The character first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #129 (January 1980), and was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer John Byrne. Scars of the Past (Loki x reader) You groaned as you sat on your bed and stared at the calendar that hung on your wall. funny, fanfiction, avengers. Different - Bucky x Reader Requested by @sophietoriprior A man walked into the hairdressers you worked in. E01, E02, E03, E04, E05, E06, E07, E08, E09 avengers Bucky Barnes bucky x reader steve x reader avengers fanfiction avengers imagine imagine fiction writing james barnes steven roders soule mate au stucky steve x bucky steve x reader x bucky poly polyamorous gifs marvel marvel imagine avengers infinity war black panther t'challa Avengers A/U. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Ned knows about you being an avenger and that Peter likes you. When you find yourself far from your mothers, your team and your home, the arrival on the strange Earth-199999 and the crash of your ship in the headquarters of the Avengers make you find a temporary house. The Vampire's Haven. Sassy Mona Lisa - G4tv. The only one in the tower is (Y/n). I wonder which Marvel hero would be proud of me right now. “I think we got everything on the list except the ice cream. Add to library 2,231 Discussion 880. Full of pain. @marvelgiggles Warnings: none You were in class, learning about the reflexes of the. ย. ย. Word Count: about 1,100. ) And a little angst. — Your soulmate fics are the best! I’ve never read one like this! Photograph by @marvelous-avengers. You can work it – don’t be afraid. As Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man gets . Summary: When Spencer meets the new girl in his building, he can’t help but fall head over heels in love with her. Avengers, two Annuals which cross over (West Coast Avengers #2 & Avengers #16) plus Marvel Graphic novel (Emperor Doom). It was a nice sunny day back on earth but Thor had brought you back to Asgard as there was something going on back on earth, Thor loved you like a sister and you lov Bucky Barnes x Reader Synopsis: Bucky can’t sleep without hearing a certain song. WHO CARES? + 45. “You look a little young to be a doctor. Especially Tony requests. Keep reading. Bucky x reader. Its dimensions are 24 in. ”. What Soulmate? (Loki x reader) Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs. He's quick and deadly with the headlines and he's always on target. Warnings: none. There were only three days left until Tony’s birthday bash and all the Avengers, including you, had agreed to be there. Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's acclaimed series comes to an end with Young Avengers #15!! Joey Braccino reviews "Resolution: Part 2" for Talking Comics! See, that’s what the app is perfect for. sassy-pelican liked this . เรื่องโดย : Rick Remender | ภาพโดย : Adam Kubert. Warning: swears. “Let's play a game!” You jumped on the couch next to Steve and smiled at him. Avengers "Hulk" Child Muscle Chest Halloween Costume: Live out the Avengers fantasy and suit up as the strongest fighter and get ready to battle it out in this Hulk Muscle Chest Costume Which includes a Muscle Chest Jumpsuit and Mask # bucky barnes imagine# loki imagine# sebastian stan# avengers# avengers au# avengers fanfic# avengers imagine# avengers one shot# bucky# bucky barnes# bucky barnes fanfiction# bucky barnes fluff# bucky barnes imagine# bucky barnes smut'# bucky barnes x reader# bucky imagine# bucky x reader# loki# loki fanfiction# loki fluff# loki imagine# loki . We get a hodgepodge of Avengers material printed in 1987. Highest rankings: -#1 in marvel imagines -#2 in Lokixreader -#2 lokiimagines -#3 in marvelcinematicuniverse -#9 in Tomhiddleston -#48 in Loki, -#119 in Avengers {In which we all know and adore Loki laufeyson} Platonic and romantic reader imagines. Restored- Maximoff twins x Reader. She has seen Fox’s X-Men films and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies — but when it comes to the . Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Words: 1. Pack Mom pt. Pairing: avengers x reader. "It looks like she wants attention. JUN 9, 2021. Pairings: Tony Stark X Reader, Avengers x reader. ”. Bucky x Reader. T’Challa witnessing the stabbing, and freaking the heck out. Sassy Mona Lisa - G4tv. Avengers x clumsy reader Avengers x clumsy reader New Girl | Spencer Reid x reader. You’re struggling not to roll your eyes for the hundredth time at the stupid conversation. Avengers & X-Men : AXIS #1. I’m from there. 1. Mob!Bucky x Reader AU . 99. Spencer Reid by the way. . 00 for 0. Avengers x Reader-The Nervous Game Chapter 6: Purple, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction. pinkpandas135 asked: Would you be willing to write a fic with Tony x reader where he tickles her when she getting sassy with him? 21 ธ. Avengers Imagines (x Reader) Requests Closed Sk3tchb00k. “This is pointless,” you slammed your physics textbook closed and threw your handful of colorful highlighters up in the air, making them rain down on Scott’s and . But one day, the reader comes back. It’s been a while (Peter x reader)Summary: Peter finds out reader hasn’t been tickled in a long time. Leia and Han take a close second. Storytime. Read Slap Marks from the story Avengers x Teen Reader by everythingisholland (j) with 14,669 reads. You had only been part of the Avengers for a few short months, you have never seen any action or fought any actual villains. 29 ธ. ”. Description: Moments before Thanos arrives, Loki reveals a secret to Thor, and pleads with him to promise him one thing. My writing. Italized stuff without the . This will be Carol x Reader x Lena Luthor (the endgame not decided yet. Epilogue “The Diner” A/N: This is a little follow-up. Summary: Thor makes you company during a horrible family dinner, and seeing the way they treat you makes him confess his true feelings. 20 พ. ค. TONY STARK X READER (fem reader) Summary: Tony takes things too far trying prove he’s responsible and caring after he ‘discovers’ some shocking news…. Anon: It’s a Soulmate AU where once you see or hear your soulmate (even at a distance) you can hear their thoughts from there on. A/N: Hello, hello! I’m on a roll these days guys and I’m so happy about it. But he is Captain America and that’s something that takes most of him up. 2561 . Raven and Gwen are my partners and *John Mulaney voice* I love them SO much! My account for OCs and original stories is @adhd-add-and-tomboy . You had met him here, that night, a small laugh escaped you. วางจำหน่าย : 8 ตุลาคม 2014. ~Avengers x Reader~ themarvel. 112 notes. You are Tony Stark’s daughter and the only thing in this world that he truly loves and that can make him see that there is still light in life. Notice in the past several crossovers she gained power sets similar to Ms. You put yours over hers to calm her down. For some reason, Peter had an extremely hard time staying still and being content in the car. Mar 05, 2021 · Bucky x reader. x reader daughter stark reader marvel avengers avengers iamgine imagine x stark reader tony stark x daughter avengers x reader . Probably shouldn’t have done it. Read Sass (avengers x reader chatroom) from the story sass (avengers x reader chatroom) by xMacaronchickx with 7,023 reads. To reference this, he put it in simple terms, something that had the effect of making even the reader come back to reality as it became clear that Hawkeye didn’t have plot armor. com. We used Avery Address Ink Jet Labels , 1 x 2-5/8 Inches, White, 30 Up, 10 Sheets 2. He would wake randomly crying out. mcu marvel mcu avengers reader avengers x y/n incorrect reader mcu x reader avengers x reader tony stank natasha x reader avengers . Words: 1. Originally posted by mistress-gif. (A/N this has mentions of abuse, just a warning) Chapter fourteen: Slap marks "I can't fucking believe you Tony!" You screeched, stomping out of the elevator. However, when the crown princess of the latter is thrown into an Asgardian prison for a crime she did not commit, tensions arise once more. $31. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Now in 1993 she reunites with him and a couple of friends to stop her sister once again. X-Men. I’ve given them all that was needed to survive and yet they still want more. Stronger Than Blood (Draco Malfoy x female OC). An extended version of Luke's snowspeeder rap, originally seen here: https://youtu. 2 days ago · The actor, 40, stepped into the role of hot priest Will Ransome in traditional attire, while his on-screen love interest, 41, wore a blonde wig on the set of their new TV show in Maldon on Tuesday. Word count: 907 (this is my first Steve story . 16 พ. Summary. 2561 . warnings: no-no words. Requested? YES by @daughter-of-stark #tony stark x reader #chris hemsworth x reader #thor x reader #chris evans x reader #steve rogers x reader #captain america x reader #captain marvel #marvel #avengers x reader #avengers incorrect quotes #incorrect avengers quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #loki #peter parker #valkyrie More you might like Being Human. Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn) Episode 5: Aesthetic. the game follows the story of an interdimensional traveling twin in search of their other half. สำนักพิมพ์ : Marvel Comics. Female reader, gender not implied reader, and male reader are all acceptable requests. He points to the shirt your wearing, “Las Vegas. ”. Originally posted by riseabove-all. This will be multi-chapter and long af. After all, crashing through an air vent is . Darling, You’re Perfect (Dean X Reader One-Shot) Summary: Dean and Y/N always pick on each other, but one day Dean takes it too far and he has to fix what he has broken before its too late. But, also he enjoys making new memories with you. Sassy Clint; trigger warning; Depression; . You Meet Steve Rogers (Natasha x daughter!reader) Summary: On a mission to rescue hostages, you end up meeting Captain America along the way. Female reader, gender not implied reader, and male reader are all acceptable requests. {Avengers Masterlist} ×. A Supergirl x Avengers crossover. As the story unfolds we catch up with characters like Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye, helping to flesh out what the team will be once the characters realize the tragedy that has occurred. X-men books try to avoid showing heroes in good light. 15 ม. 2561 . Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Reader, Mute! Reader, takes place after Thor 1, safe to read for POC, ASL = American Sign Language. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. A Loki x Reader/oc inspired by a wattpad story titled “Powerlessness (LokixReader)” It’s a pity how my creatures have grown to forget who they were made to warship. You don’t continue to push the topic. Sassy Clint (24) Sassy Clint Barton (12) Fluff (9) And maybe smut? Lol reader is short and a badass and Hispanic (whoop whoop!) and she’s more powerful than all the avengers but humble and shouldn’t be made mad and sassy when upset . 695; Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader; Warnings: Lots of swearing in English and Spanish! Author notes: (Y/N) is your name. Indiana Jones, a popular franchise, is an example of the adventure genre. sebastian x reader love story, A/N: gender neutral pronouns will be used for the Reader to be as inclusive as possible, but there will be sexually explicit content in this fic in the coming chapters and physically, the Reader will be described as “assigned female at birth” (afab). I have absolutely no ideas for him. “I’m Dr. Unfortunately for him, the reader doesn’t want anything to do with him because she was . Marvel Memes Marvel Dc Marvel Comics Hulk Memes Avengers Memes Bae Avengers Age Mark . Comic Book Movies, News, & Digital Comic Books. Avengers x suicidal teen reader. A well written insight. Pairing: Pietro x Reader. Request: The reader is Tonys younger cousin (teenager) and she starts falling for Peter and tony just pets it happen because he’s better than any boyfriend the reader has had before. Part Two / Part Three Words: 1233 Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Prompt: Inspired from a post by @sebastianismydistraction & @theartofimagining13 Imagine: Catching Steve Rogers’ eye and meeting him at the Captain America museum exhibit where you work and dress up as the 1940′s showgirls. Adventure films can be set in the real world, but often have imaginative elements as part of the narrative. However, the method in which your partner arrived was unexpected. Teen wolf x reader platonic XD. Marvel. Warnings: none. ”. I hope you enjoy! You came into Avengers Tower late at night and ran to your room then quietly shut the door before you sat down on your bed and covered your face with your hands, crying. Mostly Cyclops side has portrayal. . Word count: 657. Movie: Rise of the guardians. Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy fame. 11 - Pinterest에서 서현 황님의 보드 "책 표지 디자인"을 (를 . Peter Parker x Reader Tickle Prompts #1. She’s got a particularly enjoyable back-and-forth with Tony Stark, who remembers her as a 19-year . -25 Mar 2014-Hidden love (Dean x Reader) By Alice. One night he goes missing and your true feelings come to light. My idea is that Bruce is on patrol and saves his soulmate without realising it. $92. You shook your arm free from under the duvet and reached over Pietro’s body to tap the thin, silver bracelet that now displayed the time in a hologram. marvel cast x reader avengers x reader sebastian stan x . X-Men took place in a rather cosmic setting. 12 เม. Warning: mention of death, Loooooots of Angst, sadness, and fluff. I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to my school looking for trouble. He had also met you at this time. Word count: 1. When an old friend of yours comes calling, asking you to spearhead a disaster response team for the Avengers, you have to decide if you can let go of the past in order to save lives. ♦ Join Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer as she is paired with different Avengers from the Marvel universe. Rating: Teen [PG-13] Warnings: Sexual jokes. Authors notes: By popular demand a part 2 to Betrayed. Originally posted by stormy3187. Warnings: Dom!Loki, A Sprinkle of Smut, Fluff, First Imagine (sorry if it sucks) Wordcount: 2,825. 115 notes. . A/N: This is my entry for @e-g-b-o-k’s 500 Follower Celebration Writing . But when Pure runs to safe Captain America she has many . Continue reading. Warning: This is a bit depressing. In Marvel Studios’ “Loki,” the mercurial villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) resumes his role as the God of Mischief in a new series that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame. 75 Spider-Girl #3 — NM — . I'm not showing off, I'm working out my frustration. Fogged Windows - 40′s Bucky Barnes x fem! Reader; You and Bucky spend some alone time together in a car, while on a ship heading towards war. Thor Odinson x reader. X-Men 1 / ? Series Masterlist. Prompt: Bucky Barnes + The song ‘Can’t help (falling in love with you)’ Bucky had trouble sleeping. 2561 . Sassy Minnie. Multi-Fandom Imagines. Evil is Subjective Part 8(Avengers x Villain!Reader)To @mikariell95 @request-me @m4shtyx @lostsunshine @spiderlingsweb @gaylemonshark @jax-h-moon Description: A flashback to your time when you knew. Evil is Subjective Part 7 (Avengers x Villain!Reader)To @mikariell95 @request-me @m4shtyx @lostsunshine @spiderlingsweb @gaylemonshark @jax-h-moon thanks for all the support; I love you all so. Since reader is in her teenage years she’s pretty sassy and her and Nat have a kinda bitchy relationship but it’s still sweet though. 3/28/2012. Request: Could I get an imagine where the reader is the youngest avenger and the men constantly fight over who is the better father figure. ค. None of the gifs I use are mine! Credit goes to the original creators! ©2017–2021 imaginethatalena Theme by magnusthemes. You are stubborn, confident, and insanely smart just like him, and he couldn’t be prouder. 3 มิ. I hope you meant the recent drabble challenge and not the Christmas/winter one! Hope you like this anyways! Did you just hiss at me?”. Everyone in the living room continued what they were doing, since this was a normal occurrence between you and Tony. Right when R using magic Peter, Tony, Strange walks in. Twilight & Avengers Crossover Fanfiction. bucky barnes x reader. You walked out, side by side, T’Challa’s warning completely forgotten. Read 447 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. (Updated 6/29/21) Summary: Hufflepuff witch Felicity Zabini struggles to find normalcy as she enters into her 6th year at Hogwarts, reeling from her father’s sudden death and her mother’s quick remarriage into the Zabini family. (obviously, none of the listed below are written by me. Title explains everything, and request rules will be the first chapter. Oh well. For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails. Disney Men Sleepwear; Disney Women Sleepwear; Disney . Free shipping on orders of $35+ or same-day pick-up in store. Revlon Sassy Mauve Super Lustrous Lipstick ($8. 695; Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader . The perfect gift for the anime lover in your life or for yourself. Word Count: 1. My heart broke at that sight. 2 years ago, ; 478 notes sebastianstan sebastian stan shirtless sebby stan seb sebastian stan x reader sebastian stan sebastian stan imagine seabass bucky barnes bucky barnes imagine bucky barnes x reader bucky x reader ivar x bucky x reader bucky imagine steve x bucky stucky stucky x reader ouat jefferson the mad hatter we have always lived in a castle the covenant the destroyer i tonya . Star Spangled Gal Part 1. Betrayed - Maximoff Twins x Reader. And then when he dies they reunite in the afterlife 蠟” Pairing(s): Tony Stark x daughter!reader, Avengers x reader. You’re sassy and rude, and the mob boss can only tolerate so much disobedience. You smirked and she smiled in return. A/N: this is a part of @sincerelyfan writing challenge Originally posted by yourreactiongifs. You. Free shipping on orders of $35+ or same-day pick-up in store. She is waiting for Tony, who most likely is not going to be home soon. Request for Loki's Sassy Sweetheart Pickpocket Part 2 (Avengers x Child!Reader) Description: After Clint takes you back to Avengers tower, the rest of the Avengers realize who you are, and most of them are not very happy with you. Steve x reader. (Sorry if this is too brief, this is the first time I’ve ever requested anything . En mobil kupong visas i telefonens fönster. It was a paid vacation, and those were the words that happily sent you flying to your car. Summary: Reader is Tony’s sister and best friends with Thor so when she develops feelings for Loki she’s freaked out at first so she doesn’t act. In my humble moderate opinion, the worst Thanos comic ever conceived. 8 ก. Den distribueras till mottagaren som ett SMS (om inget annat anges) och kan visas upp i kassan i text-eller bildformat, beroende på kundens telefon. And he gave it sound Shelves: avengers, comic-book, marvel-comics, superheroes, x-men I read this book not-fully caught up in it’s context. Sep 01, 2018 · Draco Malfoy x Reader (Prisoner) Summary: You are a prisoner at Malfoy mansion during the second wizard war, held for the crime of being a mudblood. MASTERLIST. A/N: Sassy teenagers and serious adults are my favorite combination (apologies for spelling and grammar mistakes) When Tony Stark had appeared at your doorstep you knew there was something weird going on. You were all sprawled out on the giant sectional with snacks and playing video games. So, when Gibbs placed his hand on tour scarred arm you jumped making him frown. x 24 in. He chuckles, “I get that a lot. Vibrations around your wrist woke you and Pietro up. L and 36 in. Fantomex is the first futuristic hero to greet Captain Marvel upon her arrival in the future. youtube. Loki: uh excuse me i was trying to sleep, what do you want!? (Y/n): see sassy without trying. ”. The Sassy mirror can be installed either vertically or horizontally. avengers x abused reader, Avengers Imagines. But t. 2559 . I Put A Spell On You-Thackery Binx x Reader 🐱🎃. Tag list is at the end. The reader gives the debrief, Nat realizing immediately that that was a mistake. Rocket Racoon is the perfect amount of sassy and grumpy. Now we must wait for issue twelve to witness the horrifying consequences of said killing! Bucky Barnes X Male-Reader - Waiting for You. I love the Avengers, the X-Men and Torchwood (Doctor Who if you haven't watched that), I love spending time with family and friends. Indiana Jones, a popular franchise, is an example of the adventure genre. I am happy that she wasn't with Extraordinary Magik and friends or Uncanny Magneto don't wanna tell anything about his plans. You knew it because you shared a wall with him. There was the Phoenix Force that was divided amongst five mutants – Namor, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, and Magik. The TV was often on. Disney Plush 11 inch Doll; Disney Plush 15 inch Doll; Disney Plush 19 inch Doll; Disney Plush 25 inch Doll. “Hey! It’s not my fault that there’s only one good brand. He’s passionate and you’re reasonable, so you complete each other. Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader? . Where Stark recruits the reader instead of Spider-Man to help him fight. characters: xiao, albedo. 23 ธ. At this point, I think it would be unfair to review the movie. Hey so I’m looking for one specific fic and one general So first the specific: I’m not sure if this is a Darcy/Bucky fic or a reader/Bucky fic but all I remember is that Bucky Clint Steve and possibly Sam are hiding from tony because he keeps trying to poke at bucky’s arm and just being generally annoying so Steve Bucky and maybe Sam are meeting Clint at a coffee shop type place only . Bucky Barnes X Deaf!Reader - Your world was silent. Bucky x Reader 1920′s AU y’all sensing a pattern here? but for real to answer anyone who’s wondering if I’m a one-trick pony- nah, they ain’t all gonna be Bucky and I’m open to requests regarding any Seb characs asks, requests, prompts y’all throw my way this is just one I’ve been playin arnd w bc I have the perf playlist Call Sign: Renaissance captain-kelli Steve x named!Reader. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) x Reader. - 'Avengers Chatroom' (Steve Rogers x Reader x Avengers) ) Published July 21, 2015 · Updated May 23, 2016 22 pages · 96,724 reads Hey! Can I request a avengers x fem!teen!reader in which she has a father daughter dance at school and she’s sad about it cause her parents died so then all the guys from the team kinda surprise her at the father daughter dance. A/N: I’ve had this for about 2 years and was lazy to write it . He often moved around the room until late. Hope you guys enjoy!! Warning:a little bit of smut (c’mon…its me) ***** You stared at the empty diner. summary: a game has been released entitled genshin impact, consisting of otherworldly abilities relying on the basic elements of nature. 3 #2) Pairing: Marcus Moreno x reader, (ex)Steve Rogers x reader. My hair is straight and just over my shoulders, and my favorite colors are red or army green. You, Peter, Ned, and MJ were having a sleepover at the compound. Leather blanket strap carrier for a picnic blanket, Custom blanket strap in brown, blanket roll. . Issues: Iron Man #1 To #11 hi!! ofc u can, thank you for the request 💕but ahh tysm!! GIFS ARENT MINE! credits to owner for gifs. Bucky x Reader. Avengers x abused reader Avengers x abused reader Avengers vs. 5 ก. The Avengers spending the holidays with you would involve: Steve Rogers x Reader-Steve both loves and hate the holiday season- mostly because he has bittersweet memories of how he used to spend Christmas as a child, and how the people he used to spend time with are no longer around. (Y/N). NCIS x Reader . you keep . Imagine that Bucky is no longer a threat after The Winter Soldier and worked with the . 2557 . Please tell me if you want more song requests like this. ค. and so as you leave, you just go back to your apartment, hoping nobody would know you were there. Prompt: Hello love! I was wondering if you could do a Bucky x Reader one shot where Bucky and reader have always been close, she helped him regain his memories and such. Pairings: Loki x Male Reader . 2562 . ) is a muted, medium rosy brown with subtle, warm undertones and a lightly glossy, cream finish. A/N: Requested by my Mama @littlekittyfoxx enjoy! Fix You (Peter Parker X Reader) Requested by: @deadpools-wife Request: Hi Can I request a Peter Parker fanfic The reader had a crush on an asshole This guy was a liar and broke her heart One day she. bisexual reader. “I Like You Too. 0 - 3/6/17; ask me anything; rss; archive; May 30, 2017 (12:01 pm) 151 notes # tony x reader # tony imagine # avengers imagine # marvel imagine # iron man imagine Kisses (Loki x reader) Loki hated you. ” Summary: Tony decides to meddle in your life yet again and sign you up for Tinder…but there’s a catch. Texten ska innehålla en förkortad information om erbjudandet samt vem som är . But feel free. Kezia, Elizabeth, and Eeffa here, bringing your plot bunnies to life. Flat rate of $5. What I do know is that it was written at a time when the characters were still prominent and prior to the replacement heroes. Tony Stark Imagine. Requested by: Platonic “Tickle tickle tickletickletickle!” Originally posted by tommybabyholland. Single's Anthem Lyrics from the album Bheeshma, written by Sri Mani, sung by Anurag Kulkarni, composed by Mahati Swara Sagar, starring Nithin, Rashmika Loki. Spruce up your bathroom with this white mirror. jones x reader oneshot michelle jones x reader imagine peter parker "Peter Parker, Thor. If you do have a request put it in the comments or inbox me . 21 เม. Marvel NOW! also saw the debut of new flagship titles including Uncanny Avengers and All-New X-Men. hakuna--fuckin--matata said: Hey! Can you do a carol x fem reader. ”. You become a badass duo powercouple who fucks shit up (in a good way), him with his lightsaber and you with your blaster. tagged → #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff x ofc #yandere wanda #Wanda Maximoff Imagine #avengers imagine #marvel imagine #mcu #avengers #Avengers AU #avengers reader insert #yandere wanda maximoff #yandere marvel #modern avengers AU #Scarlet Witch Imagine #Scarlet Witch x Reader #mm: my fics #series: drive her crazy # . Now Sansa is to marry Ramsay Bolton. They were planning on everyone watching a movie together but when they went to (name)'s room, she wasn't there. I’ve listed my Steve x reader smut below, if you could point it out for me I would be very happy. Original Price $18. It had been a particularly rough fight with a nest of vampies and although Dean was the original suggestor, both you Sam and Cas decided that a night at a local dive would be good. #50: Peter Parker x Reader. No More Caffeine. Sassy 36 in. You were running away from some people who were after you, you felt your eyes become a bright fiery orange color you were ready to fight if you had to. be/UkiI2vM2lfA Brought to you by GEICOFollow on Twitter! 14 ต. 0352 oz. Sassy. bucky barnes x reader bucky x reader avengers reader insert captain america reader insert fluff stupid jokes (affectionate) puns. 2559 . His soulmate is continuously confused at the different . Pairing: Loki x Reader Summary: Once upon a time, the youngest son of Odin, Loki Laufeyson, was imprisoned in the highest room of the tallest tower, ne'er to be seen again. Plot: Steve and the reader were dating when he decided to go back in time and stay with Peggy. Steve yells at reader?? Honestly I have no idea how to summarize this… *Tiku runs away* ***** You had been around THE AVENGERS COMPOUND for several months. ”. Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: When Steve Rogers woke up from the ice in 2011, he thought that there was no longer any hope for love. “Let’s go, we’ve got to kick some ass…”. ย. When You're Caught in A Landslide. He gets a little dominant and possessive, and somehow gets you to start wearing green a little more often. I hope you guys enjoy! xx. Requested: Anonymous Imagine: can you write a tony stark imagine where you leave the avengers without saying why because you didn’t feel comfortable with telling them. เรื่องราวหลากหลายรูปแบบของเหล่า Avengers และตัวละคร Marvel ที่มี 'คุณ' เป็นนางเอก. Words: 2,263. Summary: After getting kicked out of school and following the wrong crowd your mother sends you to live with your father - at least you’re away from her layabout boyfriend. Requested. Well, more precisely he hated how much you made him love you. Big yikes. As great as it was, it pretty clearly is part one of two, no matter what the creators say. This anime and manga style coloring book features playful kittens with kawaii anime girls and boys in a cat café setting. (Gif credit to owner) Fandom: Marvel. com . Steve? Clint? MASTERLIST. Florida Souvenirs; Smoky Mountains Souvenirs; NASA Souvenirs; New York Souvenirs; California souvenirs; Texas Souvenirs. 2561 . Wordcount: 1,050. And after eleven issues, their brawling has yielded the first death. Spiderman is sassy. A/N: This Request (along with many others, oopsie) has been rotting in my Ask Box forever, and I am terribly sorry! After starting to write, I got so carried away with ideas that I had to split the story into multiple chapters, so stay tuned! Adventure is a type of genre that features a protagonist in a new or exotic location, who is trying to solve a quest. it’s just that you two were afraid of what the other avengers may think, so together you decided to stay in secret. You can make people see things, you can control their minds. The Way They Kiss - Rossi / . 8k+ Warnings: language, blood. W and it comes with a wooden frame and hanging hardware. You would scream, he would say something sassy, you would fail at not laughing, and Boom! Friends again. Warnings: Some bruises, a persistent ex, teensy bit of alcohol, fighting. Currently reading: Elizabeth - Naomi . A story of love and loss set in the MCU, where Reader tries to find her true place and purpose in her ever changing world. And he gave it sound Loki loki wallpapers lokilaufeyson marvel mcu tom hiddleston help avengers 4 infinity war loki x reader loki fanfiction marvel incorrect quotes incorrect quotes mcu incorrect quotes funny mcu memes loki lives wolffcur tom holland peter x reader peter. His hair was brown and shaggy, falling in front of his eyes and past his chin. . bucky barnes x reader bucky x reader avengers reader insert captain america reader insert fluff stupid jokes (affectionate) puns. ) Are you guys excited? Cause I am! Let me know what you guys . Summary: Be patient and let me grow into your arms. 2559 . Maybe if. Deviantart. WHO I WRITE FOR. The First Time*: Y/n loses her virginity to Steve. said movie night right after half of the Avengers returned to the . ค. {Steve Rogers x Reader. Draco Malfoy. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader Request: Would you be willing to do a Bucky x reader fic where reader asks Bucky if he could hurt her if he really wanted to, and he says yes to which she responds “show me”? Suddenly Shuri seemed to become very shy and looked down at her fidgeting hands. unknown. I tried, my friends. Anybody that he had previously known was either dead or in the nursing home, including his beloved Peggy Carter. Following the events of "Avengers: Endgame," Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) team up in a global adventure . 50. Black Widow by @avengersxyou (Steve x . And maybe smut? Lol reader is short and a badass and Hispanic (whoop whoop!) and she’s more powerful than all the avengers but humble and shouldn’t be made mad and sassy when upset . 1111 gg in 111 m rvi ui in /•* m THE NEW YORK CLIPPER November 5, 1919 HARRY VO N TILZER'S RUNAWAY YEAR. “Avengers vs X-Men” kicked off this week from Marvel with a #0 issue co-written by Brian Bendis and Jason Aaron, with art throughout by Frank Cho. Love is the most powerful force on earth. Quarantime, Quarantime: Cat addition. ค. It did everything I wanted it to do and more. In Second Coming she retained for the duration of the crossing the powers of Angel, Wolverine, X-23, Colossus, and Psylocke (so she had flight, superstrength, psychic senses, and invulnerability and healing). Summary:You take along Tony Stark, and the Avengers on a trip to Pakistan for your brother’s wedding. Masterlist Of My Works. Innocence (Tony Stark x reader) by sassy-as-spice on . Requested: Anonymous Imagine: Can you please write an imagine where reader and Chris are at the Oscars and they’re married and stuff and reader is up for an Oscar for Best Actress in Leading Role and she is also a woman of color and she is the second woman in history to ever win one (Halle was 1st) and Chris was in the audience cheering extremely loud for her and then . Tiffany. Issues: Thanos Rising. Standard: Typically 3-8 business days. Read Pole dancing. Request: “Loki thinks his soulmate doesn’t exist because frost giants don’t have soulmates. 15 oz. Tinder Bait: Part 3 (Steve x Reader) Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader. g. MASTERLIST HERE. pairing: platonic!avengers x reader, can be Peter Parker x Reader . Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader. Paring: Loki x Reader. Avengers X Suicidal Reader Alex gaskarth x ftm child reader. sassy-pelican liked this . This is a must read for Avengers fans giving insight into Infinity War and preparation this week for End Game. Tony Stark x suicidal!reader Her Last Words. A/N: love me some Loki 😍. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. If only she had known that discovering Draco . Cyclops went rogue and grabbed all the powers for himself from the rest of the Phoenix Five, killed Charles Xavier, and the rest is pretty much well-known history. I enjoyed all the material and found it all very good to excellent. Pietro was forced back into the boxes behind him and he groaned from the impact. Loki logged off. This was impulsive. Deadpool 2’s Ryan Reynolds jokingly referred to his super-suit as a “big red body condom” during a hilarious appearance on The Graham Norton Show. Reading any comic where is is a 100% warranty that at some point you will laugh because of something he said. Not Interested (Tony Stark x Reader) You sighed to yourself as you felt an arm go around your shoulders "Hey, princess," Tony Stark, your boss said, as … ALA Graphics When no single hero has the power to save the world, and when there is no hope left, you assemble The Avengers. loki loki x you loki x y/n loki x reader loki odinson x you loki odinson x reader loki laufeyson x you loki layfeyson x reader loki laufeyson loki odinson marvel loki avengers sassy loki loki fanfic loki imagine Apartment 1313 by @writingbarnes (Steve x Reader) The Avengers snooping around in other people’s business is my religion. Clearly I am taking requests, so you're welcome to make one, but I can't guarantee how soon it will be in. Betrayed- Catch up here. :) Thank you all for your encouragement! Notes/warnings: dead parents, angst, a little fluff at the end. ”. 2563 . I love your writing! Can I request a Tony x daughter!reader where reader goes to Vormir with Nat and Clint and sacrifices herself? Then Tony learns. When things don’t work out with Peggy Steve decides to go back to the future to be with the reader. Reader Universe: Marvel, Avengers, Spiderman Warnings: None Request: Can I please . They then go to the Bathroom to use magic and escape. Pairing: Jack Frost x Reader. 99. PLATONIC Avengers x reader War . But it had no Hawkeye. So when you turn around to leave, he doesn’t take it very well. Jessica Rabbit. PETER PARKER X READER . Loki x pregnant reader Loki x pregnant reader When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. One of my favorites is "Hey, I just spent a week with these idiots. but Tony being your overprotective lover, he knows where you are and comes to ask why you left. March 18, 2017. Just a Kid in Spandex (Platonic Peter Parker x Reader) * HARRY POTTER. And at Sam’s advice, he’d encourage you to go see an expert. ค. It was huge. Plot: This is a flashback to how the reader and Marcus became a couple. With your nightly routines completed, you and Tony settle into bed. 1 eger bir futbolcu kaleyi gordugu zaman durmadan calim atiyorsa bilin ki o cronaldodur. Pairing: Bucky x Reader. Kate Herron directs and Michael Waldron is head writer. Plot: Reader is the Spring’s spirit and it’s always in competition against Jack…however something is gonna change between them Burch is a sassy voice actor given incredibly sassy superhero banter and she just eats it up. I love music. A/N - Hi!The Anon has noticed that there aren’t many Hawkeye imagines out there-so could I have a Haweye imagine where the reader is married to Clint and she’s hidden (like his actually wife) and while the avengers are out battling Ultron’s army, Ultron (or like someone else) comes and takes her to see if the . I was watchi. Ever since Fury and Thor had decided his sentence should be carried out on Earth, he had lived at the Avengers’ tower, under their watchful eyes. 50. Warnings: angry Geralt much. Avengers x reader yelled at. The Flirt (Steve Rogers x Reader) Summary: Steve is dared by the team to say a cheesy . I think that Rogue is better with Avengers right now. well being sassy works on my boy bestie and then he will say things like “oh yeah” “let's see” in a . Ready to let the bustling and busy day pass, you allow sleep to take its hold over you. com DA: 18 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 79. “That purple dickhead better be prepared…”. That’s Stark’s Boy *Peter Parker x Reader*. Here’s the red gown and purple gloves for a quick fix. His events were always fun and entertaining, but Tony had insisted he wanted to see you in a dress for . Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - the fate of Earth and existence i. He expected her to be at school. The daughter reader is 15. Archive; RSS; 2,124 notes. Chris Evans Imagine. Like that’s all it is. if you particularly like any of the fics below, please let the amazing writers and creators know because they are simply just that amazing 😊) ♡ - Personal Favourites. Discover more posts about avengers-x-reader-smut. We have a sassy humanitarian genius Billionaire, an equally . Stucky x reader MyComicShop. Warnings: Sickness, the flu, throwing up, some swear words, Avengers banter, BIG confusion sassy-timemachine liked this . Prompt: “I’m very, very bad under pressure. With the touch, the hologram disappeared and you wrapped your arms around Pietro. Disney Apparel. Not a Daryl fic but a little story for @writingforweirdlings ‘s movie challenge!. (20% off) Metropolitan Grey Linen Table Cloth - Washable Linen - Neutral Tablecloth - Market Linen - 72" x 54" - Made in Atlanta. This active skort from Avengers: Infinity War gives you the fun, sassy look of a mini skirt, with the range of motion and action of shorts! It features Infinity Stone tape detailing down the sides and at the drawstring, and says "Power" in purple foil at the hem. Sale Price $31. Tony: ugh it's reindeer games. Bisexual, Demi, poly disaster. ”. I love reading and writing, mostly poetry. Character list. Chapter One. Everything was so nice and shiny, plenty of Stark Tech to bamboozle a plain jane . In April 2013, Marvel and other Disney conglomerate components began announcing joint projects. Because of You and Part Two by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers I was legit sobbing when reading this. The texture was lightweight, smooth, and comfortable to apply and to wear as the color went on . The more likely scenario, however, is that someone different is behind the mask. 2560 . I love traveling, going to museums, watching movies, drawing & painting, and I've just recently picked up running as a hobby. Hehe. Мислите си, че сте запознати със Спайдър-мен? Update: the fic @sweater-daddiesdumbdork was talking about it’s actually “Don’t hold back”: reader riding Chris. The texture was lightly creamy, moderately firm so it tugged just a little during application (not painfully) and felt a touch tacky, though lighter in weight. Pairing: Dean X female! Reader. Adventure films can be set in the real world, but often have imaginative elements as part of the narrative. } Warning: ANGSTTTTTTTTT Maybe if he resisted those puppy eyes, she would still be home. " (Avengers Vol. Anonymous said: Hey, can I get an Avengers, SVU, and Supernatural ship? I'm a pansexual female. powerful than all the avengers but humble and shouldn't be made mad and sassy when upset. Low-key (Loki x reader) Pairing: Loki x reader. June 20, 2018 The Baby Of The Pack At The Gym || Avengers Cast. wc; 900ish. You and Gibbs didn’t talk for a while, and you tried your best to hide the burns from that day. ค. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Reader, Mute! Reader, takes place after Thor 1, safe to read for POC, ASL = American Sign Language. series masterlist. genre: fluff. It had a faint sheen that gave it a more luminous finish without being overly emollient or slippery to wear. It was late one Friday evening after a big case with you and the boys. While it is still unclear who exactly is carrying the mantle now, there is a slight possibility that he is the same Fantomex present in the current timeline. One day all the Avengers comes to their school to give a speech. Summary: Loki likes reader but is low-key about it (had to make the joke) Steve catches on though and gets protective about reader and reader is just so confused at first when they figure what’s happening they laugh. Word count: 1500. Puzzles include Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Black Widow, Black Panther, Vision and War Machine as they try to face the forces of evil as one big Avengers team! Mischief in the Making - Loki x Stark!Reader (Brother!Tony x Sister!Reader) by @ijustwant2write. “You can’t just go running into danger headfirst, (Y/N)!” Clint exclaimed. Every character that appears sounds like themselves, which means a lot to a longtime reader like myself. Multifandom Showdown I write cool stories that you enjoy! Ships are currently closed! Requests are currently open! Riverdale, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, The Maze Runner, The 100, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC comics, Shawn Mendes, etc. com/c/experiencesytbusiness enquiri. I’m book smart but more street smart due to living in the city. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or . Request: Hello! Could you write a peter x reader fic where the reader is one of the avengers and she and peter are best friends and she’s like really sassy/spicy and doesn’t like to show too much emotion? They go to a mission and she does something wrong and civilians get hurt. ONE SHOT. You were still a little star struck. – The Singer: – Robb Stark x Reader. Seme male reader x Uke males Fanfiction. A/N: This Request (along with many others, oopsie) has been rotting in my Ask Box forever, and I am terribly sorry! After starting to write, I got so carried away with ideas that I had to split the story into multiple chapters, so stay tuned! Adventure is a type of genre that features a protagonist in a new or exotic location, who is trying to solve a quest. Va va VOOM. Masterlist 1. along this journey . Nov 21, 2020 · Hamilsquad x suicidal reader moit. Relate Search of (Marvel The Mighty Avengers 400 Pages of Coloring Fun) Thor (Marvel Comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thor is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics The character, based on the Norse mythological deity of the same See, that’s what the app is perfect for. You say quietly. I absolutely love history, it's my major. 1. Avengers x Oceans 8 Crossover AU (Is this ambitious or is this ambitious? LMAO. Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men - All Media Types, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types Teen And Up Audiences Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death His original mission failed and it helped to mold him into the villain he is. 2563 . Eight issues of The Avengers regular title (#278-#285), a mini-series X-Men Vs. Create an account; Log in; Grading; Shipping; Blog; Help Adventure is a type of genre that features a protagonist in a new or exotic location, who is trying to solve a quest. You didn’t use it on your friends, or your family. May 6, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Mara Wegenschimmel. It was the first world cup to be held in eastern europe and the 11th time that it had been held in europe. Hope y'all enjoy! . 2562 . Prompt: @gypsy-storm-15 Heya, would you be able to please write a drabble/oneshot about being the only other thing the Maximoff twins care about. Highest rankings: -#1 in marvel imagines -#2 in Lokixreader -#2 lokiimagines -#3 in marvelcinematicuniverse -#9 in Tomhiddleston -#48 in Loki, -#119 in Avengers {In which we all know and adore Loki laufeyson} Platonic and romantic reader imagines. 22. It’s certainly an interesting conversation when you wake up, but slowly, they start to warm up to you. Kieron Gillen Iron Man. Pairing: Marcus Moreno x reader, (ex) Steve Rogers x reader. Avengers X Reader - The Secret Asset . My girl Request: May i please request about bucky/reader where they both are really good friends and everyone teases them about when are . Chat noir x male reader lemon wattpad. (30s!Bucky ; F!OC) (One-Shot) Fuckability - Bucky meets Sam, Sharon and Sharon’s best friend at a bar and they discuss his attractiveness (Bucky x Reader) (Drabble) Connected - You and Bucky have a very strong connection. Tumblr is a place to express yourself discover yourself and bond over the stuff you love. Wanda and Pietro have a younger sibling 6 years younger. “come on, Steve please, Take me with You I’m bored. Headcanon Masterlist by @tropicalcap. syven siren : “I think we got everything on the list except the. Hey! Could you do a JJ x daughter reader where someone is targeting the local girls soccer team in the build up the championship game and the reader is the captain and just as the team catch them the unsub tells them it's too late and they put something in the team's or the reader's water (cause she's the star player) water and JJ catches the reader just as she collapses? Better Choice (Tony Stark X Cousin!Reader, Peter Parker X Reader) Warnings: One swears and mentions of bed relationships and breakups. this is just a complied list of all my favourite fics that i just love too much. ( (mainly modern)) This is a Suicide Squad Joker x reader fanfic, which, as the title suggests, occurs before HARLEY QUINN. he’s not even loki for like half of this video but whateversub to my 2nd channel i’m funny sometimes: https://www. Avengers x autistic reader. tonystark, clintbarton, brucebanner. When there parents died she was just 3 months, Pure the youngest sibling have the same powers as her siblings only she has also can control nature and heal. A/N – I imagine a romance with Bucky would be like the Bon Jovi song – Bed of Roses. Summary: This idea was brought up by Alexis, who came up with the idea that the Natasha gives the reader too much caffeine when she’s exhausted post mission because they need to debrief. Warnings: None. Read at caution. Shuri and T’Challa switch places, and she works on healing . A bunch avengers x reader chatrooms, some with romance and some comedic stories. Words: 1. MJ. An Impatient Teacher (Wolverine x Reader) * AVENGERS. A Marvel Novice Tries to Explain the ‘Avengers’ Trailer. A/N: This Request (along with many others, oopsie) has been rotting in my Ask Box forever, and I am terribly sorry! After starting to write, I got so carried away with ideas that I had to split the story into multiple chapters, so stay tuned! Download creative files from {manytext_bing}. She/her. They fell in love at first sight, but couldn’t be married. New 'The Avengers' Teaser Trailer Assembles the Wh. The lifestyle blog that brings you all the honesty on motherhood, beauty & skincare, self-improvement, and mental health on… Emma Grace Frost is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, most commonly in association with the X-Men. Part six . March 20, 2017. Lots of fighting all round, really. Thor Avengers Oc Tony Stark Steve Rogers Black Widow X Reader Loki X Reader. You are warned. ” [Tom! Peter Parker x Reader] Summary: Peter and reader are both avengers and both studying at midtown. Perfect for walking, camping, trip. Odinson Brother(s) X Reader. Heyyy moa, can I request a Loki x reader one-shot where they're really . ค. he would say something sassy, you .

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